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Web. For many of us, the age that we write down or type in when we fill in forms doesn&x27;t reflect the age that we feel and behave. A person&x27;s chronological age, the number of years they&x27;ve been. Web. Web. Web. Web. Your chronological age represents how old you are. By definition, this is the number of years you&x27;ve lived starting from the time of your birth. A person&x27;s chronological age would determine his eligibility for school, for work, and for retirement. To find your chronological age, subtract your date of birth from the current date. Web. Web. Web. Sep 29, 2021 How old are you I am so many years, months, and days old. Because of the ease and familiarity everyone has with chronological age, many tests and programs are based around it. Most 5-year olds.. Web.
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How do you write chronological age To find your chronological age, subtract your date of birth from the current date. When you subtract dates, it&39;s similar to when you subtract numbers. The only difference is that when you subtract months, you only use numbers 1-12 and for days, you only use numbers 1-29, 30 or 31.. Web. Web. Web. Web.

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